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Imagine...all your beloved media preserved in digital form. Your memories, milestones, and family history are safe and enjoyed with ease. We can help you achieve this.
At Keepsake Road, we specialize in media preservation. Our passion is historical preservation, and we know your personal history and keepsakes are precious to you. We take great care with everything we process, and will protect your treasures as their digital copies are created.
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    Prepare your order

    Gather your media and complete our order form. Box everything up and prepare for transport.

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    Transport it to us

    You can choose to ship, drop-off, or use our round-trip delivery service. We also offer on-site processing for qualified orders.

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    Receive your order

    You’ll receive a single drive of all your digital files, along with the return of your keepsakes.

Photos, videos, audio, paperwork...you have keepsakes stored away in boxes without a plan for their future. You’d like to convert them digitally, but that takes a lot of time...and can be impossible without conversion technology that is costly or hard to find.
You also worry about sending your media to a company in another state or country (and charged high prices as well). Your keepsakes are one-of-a-kind, so of course you are cautious with how they are handled.

Keepsake Road will treat your items with care as they are preserved in a digital format, so you can enjoy your keepsakes with a click of a button.

Let's Get Started!


Protect Your Memories & Keepsakes

Technology constantly advances, leaving previous media behind. Over time media decays, and any tech needed to view it stops being produced. Now is the time to make digital copies- before the tech is gone forever, or is so hard to find the cost to duplicate is extremely high.

Converting also removes the risk of the original media succumbing to unplanned events. Countless families have suffered great loss after fires, floods, theft, or misplacing items. Protect and preserve your media now.

Save Time

Digitizing media can take hours and sometimes days. The more you own the more daunting the work can feel, which is why you may be avoiding it. Keepsake Road is happy to invest the time needed on your items, and our experience means we can complete it at a quick pace.

Enjoy Your Digital Copies

Your digital files have countless uses. The most popular for customers include duplicating to share with others, using for family history research, and creating art projects such as slideshows, videos, wall hangs, prints, and blankets.

Declutter Your Home or Business

Once you have digital copies of your media, you can choose to say goodbye to the originals.

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    Meet the Owner   

    Keepsake Road is owned by Victoria Banks, a WNY native who has a love of local history and preserving the past. She is a member of the Newfane Historical Society, Niagara Celtic Heritage Society, and has over 15 years of experience researching genealogy, history and her own family history. 

    She also has a background in Media Production, and has been privately converting, preserving, and editing documents and media for over two decades. Vicki is now sharing her experience, helping local families and businesses tackle the necessary but challenging endeavor of protecting their keepsakes.